Profile & Experience

JOSEPH R. PACE is a lawyer in general practice and carries out both legal consultancy and advocacy in the Courts and Tribunals of Malta and Gozo. He is the son of a Lawyer. He graduated Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) in November 1961, and received his Warrant of Practice in February 1962. He also holds the Diplomas of Notary Public and of Legal Procurator. Dr Pace is registered with the Institute of Certified Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA). He is a member of several bodies including the Malta Marketing Institute (MM.Inst.) and the Institute of Management (M.I.M.). He sits on Council in the latter body and is Vice-President of the former.

For a number of years Dr Pace was a member of the Legal commission of the Malta Chamber of Commerce and sat as Vice Chairman on the on the Services Sector Committee of the Malta Federation of Industry.

Dr Pace has – at different times in his career – managed small businesses in Real Estate, Life Insurance and Travel/Tourism. Later he set up and managed his own marketing consultancy doing some market research stints overseas for client companies. In the last decade he was occupied, in parallel with his legal career, first in the marketing/sales departments of a Holiday Ownership (timesharing) Organisation and later in the promotional and legal departments of a large new Property Development in Malta.

Involvement in the philantropic and voluntary social fields was inevitable for him. Dr Pace served as a director on the Board of the Malta Lions Club for several years during the seventies and eighties and rose to 2nd V.P. He covered various active roles and was the catalyst and co-founder of The Leo Club (Malta). He represented the Club in various Lions Europa Fora, and even helped organise the Europa Forum in Malta in 1975 involving some 2000 delegates and wives. He was actively involved in several other socio-cultural fields and won a number of awards and honours in the process. Dr Pace is Prior in the Malta Grand priory of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus, an oecumenical charitable institution.

Dr Pace has been and still is a recognised author of newspaper articles on several topics and has contributed to the Media in Malta…including a number of Radio and TV interviews. He has chaired or addressed several seminars and conferences in Malta. He has also lectured in social skills and guest psychology at the Institute of Tourism Studies, and in marketing (sales and legal aspects) at one of Malta’s Upper Lyceums He has delivered a fair number of lectures and training courses, notably at MISCO, Lasalle Business College and elsewhere. These included several in-house Courses to large Companies, delivered for MISCO (a member of the famous British ‘TACK Organisation)..Dr Pace is familiar with , and has also used, the John-Cleese business training videos. Jointly with the Malta Institute of Management He organised the very first ‘public teleconferencing’ conference in Malta in which John Cleese , Dr de Bono and others ‘video-spoke’ to the audience from the UK.

Dr Pace is co-founder and Chairman/Trustee of The Edward de Bono Foundation (Malta), which has carried out a good number of activities and ‘thinking’ campaigns since 1993. He was also on the creative core-team that helped set up, at the Malta University, ‘The Edward de Bono Programme for the Design and Development of Thinking’. This latter body has now got the ‘green light’ from the University Senate to become an Institute.

Several newspaper articles about Dr de Bono have been penned by Dr Pace, who has also explained ‘de Bono’ concepts on Radio and Television . Dr Joseph R.Pace is a certified Trainer in Thinking Skills having been fully trained by a Master Trainer and accredited by APTT (Advanced Practical Thinking Training Inc.) of the U.S.A. APTT has international rights of certification of Trainers in ‘de Bono Thinking’ and is responsible for the production and distribution of all Dr de Bono’s official training materials Dr Pace specialises in the field of Six Thinking Hats and DATT (Direct Attention Thinking Tools).

Dr J R Pace offers prospective Clients the benefit of direct personal experience in these fields:

  •  Law.  (See Legal Services)
  •  Management in commercial services, particularly, but not only, in Life Insurance, Property, Travel & Tourism, Timeshare, Small Business set-ups.
  • Marketing & Sales in the above lines, including a long experience as lecturer & trainer in these areas. In depth knowledge of ‘Green’ Marketing Trends.
  • Chairmanship and Directorship of Companies or Partnerships.
  • Lecturing & Training in general Social Skills, Customer Care, Selling Techniques, and Creative Thinking Techniques.
  • Organisation of Conferences, Seminars and Symposia, Brains Trusts, and Debating Societies.
  • Writing for the Media. Articles and Letters on different Topics, covering Business & Commerce, Art & Culture, Socio-Political Issues, Religion.
  • Personal case-by-case consultancy or Group Training/Lecturing activities are possible, by prior arrangement, in any of the above sub-groupings