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“The purpose of the Six Thinking Hats® is to unscramble thinking, so that the thinker is able to use one thinking mode at a time” (Edward de Bono – Six Thinking Hats – Penguin Books – 1990)

The six different coloured hats represent specific modes of thinking to achieve focused and powerful imagery much time and energy as well as useless discussion is saved if the different persons in a discussion agree which Colour ‘hat’ they will use in the course of the discussion thus achieving Parallel Thinking. Parallel Thinking is an expression coined by Dr Edward de Bono and is also the title of one of his books. The Six Thinking Hats® help us avoid confused thinking, wasteful argument and inconclusive meetings whether practised individually or in groups, the six hats method has been proven to be a most powerful method in achieving real results whether in business, industry, human relations, or other mundane activity.

“The Six Thinking Hats® allow us to conduct our thinking as a conductor might lead an orchestra” (Dr Edward de Bono)

►   DATT™

DATT™ stands for Direct Attention Thinking Tools. DATT™ is a special version of CoRT™ adapted to the world of work. DATT™ helps you reduce life’s frustrations, increases your problem-solving and decision making capabilities, directs your thinking energy in a focused, powerful,  managed approach.

This in turn gets you best information and generates suitable action. DATT™ contains ten simple strategies and is easy to learn. Suitable in virtually all activities, the DATT™ tools can become a second nature DATT™ has been defined as software for the mind, thanks to the icons that you mentally ‘click on’ !

DATT™ is for everybody at every age.

►   CoRT™

CoRT™ stands for Cognitive Research Trust. The programme was designed for schools and is now widely in use throughout the world: Australia, Canada New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Singapore,South Africa, Italy, UK, Ireland, U.S.A. Venezuela, Philippines, Russia etc.

The CoRT™ programme is divided into six parts of ten lessons each. The first part deals with ‘broadening’ perception. The fourth part introduces specific creative-processes. (Acknowledgements to Dr E de Bono)

CoRT™ is also suitable for individual tuition of children and young people as well as for parents and educators wanting to develop creative thinking skills for improved performance not only in school topics but also in life’s situations. Several practice items workshop sessions and other highly interesting features make CoRT thinking a truly interactive adventure.

All the above exciting thinking methods, along with Lateral Thinking techniques, were invented by the highly respected and established Author, Lecturer and Teacher DR EDWARD DE BONO.


Dr de Bono, born in Malta, is the world’s leading authority in creative and conceptual thinking. He has travelled all over the globe coaching audiences of all sizes and nationalities in his simple yet effective methodology of THINKING. Dr de Bono insists that THINKING is a SKILL that can be learnt and that one does not need to be a very intelligent person to acquire the creativity that comes with his methods of applied / practical thinking  as different from perception and logic, analysis, inference or argument. His more than 64 books have been translated into 37 languages at the latest count.

Businesses, multinationals, educational institutions and governments have sought out Dr de Bono and his certified Trainers over the last 30 years or more… yet there are still many people who have never benefited from this training.