Translation Services

Translation Services are available to and from the following Languages:







Items that can be professionally translated are all kinds of legal documents, commercial documents, forms, reports and correspondence.

All work for translation must be first quoted-for and accepted between the engaging party (the Applicant) and the Translator.

Full confidentiality is offered.  The engaging party is to contact  Dr JR Pace LL.D & Partners giving the following details:

  • Nature of Item for translation (the ‘Item’);
  • Brief description of Content (e.g.. A Will , a Contract of Carriage of Goods by Sea/Rail/Air; a Letter; an Article in the Press);
  • Present language of Item and required language of translation;
  • Timeframe within which the translation needs to be completed;
  • A REQUEST for a Quotation of  the translation fee;
  • An undertaking to be automatically bound by payment rules if Quotation is accepted. These entail a Deposit of 25%, Balance payable in advance of mailing/emailing of completed Script;
  • An undertaking to forward a CLEAR copy of the Item to the Translator immediately once the quotation and the task are accepted reciprocally;
  • Full Name, Mailing Address, Email Address, Phones and Fax Numbers of the Applicant.

When a Translation Item is accepted for translation the Applicant is notified and a Deposit of 25% of the agreed Translation Fee is to be sent simultaneously with the Copy for translation. Payment is to be made by direct bank transfer or credit card to the indicated bank account. Details will be confidentially provided to the confirmed Applicant. Translation can only commence on safe receipt of the irrevocable deposit AND the Copy for translation.

Dr Pace LL.D & Partners reserve the right to sub-contract legal translations to a professional translation agency in case of need, but a quotation will always be pre-provided.

Contact Us expressing interest and requesting more information, without obligation on either party.