Non Litigation Services

Non Litigation representation is available before the ‘Second Hall’ (for civil, non-litigation Applications e.g.. for provisional maintenance, opening of successions, opening of secret wills, emancipation of minors, interdiction or incapacitation of persons of unsound mind, curatorship of minors, absentees or interdicted/incapacitated persons; authorisation to proceed to separation proceedings in litigation court, etc.)

Drafting of affidavits, wills, public deeds or private agreements; negotiation of terms and conditions in various types of covenants; obtaining legalisation of documents through the consular section of the Maltese Foreign Office, or advising about similar necessities from overseas consulates or notaries, including organising the Apostile where required; filing Asylum and humanitarian protection applications and follow up representation; correspondence with government or other entities on behalf of the client; help and advice with opening of local bank accounts by foreign individuals or local companies in formation (with or without foreign capital).